The sounds and feel of water has been used as therapy for both mind and body for thousands of years. We continue that tradition by offering the sounds of waterfalls and the soothing hot water of a relaxing spa along with the refreshing splash of cool water on a hot summer day. With the combination of a pool and spa you get the best of both. For over fifty years Fox Pools has supplied backyard family fun with quality in ground vinyl liner swimming pools. The backyard swimming pool has served as a focal point for both exercise and entertainment for generations.

For those of us who enjoy the change of seasons, there is nothing better than soaking in a hot spa with up to 25 jets of massaging water on a crisp fall or winter day. Both the Waterfall™ and PoolMate™ spas offer year round enjoyment in any climate. As we get older the joy of watching our children and our grandchildren grow-up in your backyard becomes priceless. With the privacy of a swimming pool and/or spa in your own backyard paradise, who needs to leave home for a family vacation?

PoolMate™ Spas. Visit WWW.FOXPOOL.COM for more information.

The Fox PoolMate™ Spa is the perfect complement to your pool. This spa is designed to be located near your pool or anywhere in your yard.